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Co-benefits Lab, day two: the task and the context determine the tools

Holle Wlokas reports back on an insightful second day.
Picking up where a successful first day left off, day two of the co-benefits lab focussed on training MAPS country participants on different decision-making tools and methodologies. Yvani Deraniyagala presented the Action Impact Matrix developed by Mohan Munasinghe and his team at the MIND Institute in Sri Lanka. The matrix stimulated a lively debate about the judgement-calls possible in a stakeholder driven MAPS process. During the coffee break, Anthony Dane and Britta Rennkamp discussed the graphic harvester output from the ERC’s co-benefits workshop held in Cape Town prior to the Bogota lab. Andrea Guerrero, the lead facilitator of the lab, introduced the matrix applied for the Colombian decision-making process. In the afternoon, Brett Cohen hosted a training session on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). This was followed by a discussion between country teams on the key lessons that inspired their processes and research. One noteworthy conclusion was that there is no one, perfect tool, but that various approaches need to be scouted and customized to meet the context-specific requirements of each MAPS process. We wrapped up the day with dinner on top of a mountain with stunning views over the city!

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