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The Brazilian Land Use Model (BLUM) training was held in Santiago on the 22nd and 23rd of August 2013. An Agroicone expert from Brazil, Leila Harfuch, presented BLUM so that the Chilean team could understand both the advantages and disadvantages of using it and how it could possibly complement the Chile AFOLU model.

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Development and Mitigation (DevMit) Forum

The Development and Mitigation Forum (27 – 29 January 2014), was recently convened by the MAPS Programme, with the support of the Energy Research Centre of the University of Cape Town and the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. The gathering was attended by over 100 mainly climate mitigation experts from developing coutries. The Forum provided a […]

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EconLab 2

(23-25 October 2013) This three day workshop in Rio de Janeiro is co-facilitated by the MAPS Programme and the research consortium working on the CDKN funded modeling project ‘Modeling the implications of socio-economic development of mitigation actions by developing countries’. The Lab is organised by the MAPS research teams in Brazil (COPPE, Federal University of […]

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Modelling Lab

(10-12 July 2013) The Energy Research Centre at UCT hosted a Modelling Lab in collaboration with MAPS. The purpose of the lab was for various teams from South Africa, Brazil and France to meet in a single location to present their modelling approaches and discuss some of the challenges that they face in representing the […]

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Visualisation Lab

(6 Aug – 15 Oct, 2013) The MAPS community has raised the challenge of communicating technical results from the MAPS processes to a non-technical audience. This audience includes stakeholders who have some technical and MAPS knowledge (such as SBT members) as well as policy makers and the general public who will receive the final MAPS […]

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Since its inception, MAPS has engaged with the BASIC experts working group, and has a growing collaboration with Indian researchers on development and mitigation topics. Emerging from these activities, 2013 sees a new MAPS  workstream emerging: ‘BASIC+ Labs’.  This workstream builds on existing India – South Africa connections, and involves a broader exchange, expanded to […]

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EASD Workshop

(5-7 March, 2013) Cape Town played host to a MAPS workshop on operationalising equitable access to sustainable development (EASD). The discussion was both numeric and conceptual and involved an informal gathering of a select group of experts. Objectives included a) seeking a better understanding of the politicised notion of EASD and different approaches to the […]

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Perceptions of justice and climate negotiations

Sonja Klinsky explains how insights from perceptions of justice studies are applicable to climate negotiations and equitable access to sustainable development.

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Econ Lab 2012

(May 2012) The objective of the Econ Lab was to discuss the means, tools and approaches with which to assess socio-economic implications of climate mitigation scenarios. The discussion informed methodologies to assess socio-economic variables within the respective MAPS country processes and consequences (pros, cons and limitations) and contributed to country-specific research agendas to develop a […]

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(25 -27 September 2012) The Land Use, Land Use Changes and Forest (LULUCF) sector contributes significantly to many MAPS countries’ emissions. The LulucF Lab is a learning workshop focused on the mitigation and socio-economic impacts in the LULUCF sectors, with a special focus on forestry, sustainable energy use and the socio-economic implications of mitigation in this […]

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Agri Lab

The objective of the Agri Lab was to provide MAPS country team members with an overview of models used to model agricultural mitigation and to discuss their suitability for use within the MAPS country projects. Agri Lab presentations: An overview of Agricultural Mitigation Models, Sebataolo Rahlao Livestock models, Ermias Kebreab Chile, Marta Alfaro Colombia, Ramon […]

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