Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


What is Fair?

The MAPS Programme has recently commissioned a series of papers to further explore the concept of equity and allocation processes within the UNFCCC climate negotiations. This brief synthesises and poses questions to these varying, sometimes provocative viewpoints to look forward to an agreement in Paris 2015.

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MAPS COP 19 side event

MAPS’s COP 19 side event in Warsaw discussed the work of the MAPS network of researchers (from Brazil, Chile, France and South Africa) to design more accurate models for understanding the socio-economic costs of mitigation actions. Panelists included Professor Jean Charles Hourcade, Dr William Wills, Bruno Merven, and Rodrigo Fuentes.

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BASIC Experts Group

The BASIC countries are Brazil, South Africa, India and China. BASIC emerged politically as a force at COP-15 in Copenhagen, where interactions between BASIC leaders and US President Obama were crucial in resolving issues around MRV, which was important aspect of the Copenhagen Accord. They are four major developing countries, with two big players in […]

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Equitable access to sustainable development: relevance to negotiations and actions on climate change

The effectiveness and stability of any agreement, especially as a basis for cooperation, largely depends on the perception of its fairness by the agreeing parties. It is for this reason that equity has received a lot of attention in the two decades of negotiations under the UNFCCC. This paper reflects on the basis and relevance […]

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Doha COP18: vague words and fuzzy numbers

The 2012 climate negotiations under the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol did not quite die in the desert sands of Doha. But they hardly took the big steps forward that are urgently needed. This kind of reflection, of incremental progress in political terms, but falling far short of what is needed, has now been the […]

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Mitigation targets and actions at the UNFCCC Bangkok talks

At the UNFCCC climate negotiations starting in Bangkok this week, 30 August to 5 September 2012, there will be further workshops on mitigation. Some are about commitments, some are about targets for developed countries, and another about mitigation actions by developing countries. There are important issues for both: Workshop on developed country mitigation targets, or […]

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012) : CAN Europe

An interesting discussion was brewing at the side event CAN Europe hosted yesterday, 21 May, titled: ‘ Private Sector Finance and it’s role in enhancing climate action’ amongst the presenters and respondents (representatives from the European Investment Bank (EIB), European Commission, kfW, Government of Pakistan as well as CAN Europe & Eurodad). There was agreement […]

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012) : Ecofys side event

Saturday’s side event hosted by Ecofys was a success and included speakers from Ecofys, ECN, MAPS, CCAP and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment.

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012) : NAMA plenary

Great presentation by Alexa Kleysteuber, from Chile, in the NAMA workshop plenary on Friday 18 May 2012, outlining Chile’s 7 NAMAS in Energy, Transport and Forestry including a slide on the MAPS Chile process, which made us very proud! The workshop focused on the diversity of NAMA’s by developing countries – including a focus on […]

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012)

UNFCCC talks are happening in Bonn from 14th-25th May. So far many fellow MAPS’ers have been spotted in the corridors of the Hotel Maritim, including Andres & Alexa Kleysteuber (Chile), Maria-Paula (Colombia) and Tania Zamora Ramos (Peru) and Farhana Yamin (CIFF). Harald, Marta, Andrew and Anya from South Africa are also floating around. All are […]

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Bonn 2012: Ecofys Side-Event

MAPS will be sharing its approach and lessons learnt, in the context of the development of NAMAs, on Saturday 19 May, at the official side-event hosted by Ecofys. A number of Parties and Institutions working on development of LCDS and NAMAS have also been invited to share their lessons. Event Theme: Status of the development, […]

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