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Developing country perspectives on ‘mitigation actions’, ‘NAMAs’, and ‘LCDS’

Climate mitigation practitioners in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, and South Africa were surveyed for their understanding of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Low Carbon Development Strategies (LCDS). It is found that there is much scope for clarity and conceptual elaboration in this policy space. NAMAs are largely interpreted as mitigation activities packaged for submission […]

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COP18 side-event: poverty, climate change and knowledge institutions

Most of the world’s poor live in middle-income countries, which need to both mitigate emissions and adapt to the consequences of climate change. Climate action and poverty reduction continue to be seen as a trade-off. Innovative solutions, that can be customized and implemented at a local level, need to be found. This side event discusses […]

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Understanding the interface between LCDS, NAMAs and mitigation actions

This brief explores the concepts of Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Mitigation Actions (MAs). Its objective is to better understand the interface between these concepts through the review of existing literature and expert perspectives.

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Mitigation Actions, NAMAs and LCDS: building a common understanding

To date there is no broadly accepted definition of Mitigation Actions (MA), Low Carbon Development Strategies (LCDS) and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) concepts despite their generalized use. This memo provides an overview of current interpretations and builds a common framework for the use of these concepts among MAPS practitioners. Such a proposal should not […]

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Mitigation targets and actions at the UNFCCC Bangkok talks

At the UNFCCC climate negotiations starting in Bangkok this week, 30 August to 5 September 2012, there will be further workshops on mitigation. Some are about commitments, some are about targets for developed countries, and another about mitigation actions by developing countries. There are important issues for both: Workshop on developed country mitigation targets, or […]

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012) : Ecofys side event

Saturday’s side event hosted by Ecofys was a success and included speakers from Ecofys, ECN, MAPS, CCAP and the Peruvian Ministry of Environment.

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Anya Boyd's Blogs from Bonn (2012) : NAMA plenary

Great presentation by Alexa Kleysteuber, from Chile, in the NAMA workshop plenary on Friday 18 May 2012, outlining Chile’s 7 NAMAS in Energy, Transport and Forestry including a slide on the MAPS Chile process, which made us very proud! The workshop focused on the diversity of NAMA’s by developing countries – including a focus on […]

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Bonn 2012: Ecofys Side-Event

MAPS will be sharing its approach and lessons learnt, in the context of the development of NAMAs, on Saturday 19 May, at the official side-event hosted by Ecofys. A number of Parties and Institutions working on development of LCDS and NAMAS have also been invited to share their lessons. Event Theme: Status of the development, […]

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COP17: Events

The 17th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Durban, South Africa from the 28th of November with negotiations concluding on 11th December 2011. MAPS hosted a number of events during COP17.

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