Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


Summary of BASIC Expert Group meeting – Cape Town, 26-27 June, 2013

Presentation to the BASIC Ministers on work done by the BASIC Expert Group on operationalising Equitable Access to Sustainable Development (EASD), an Equity Reference Framework, analysis of pledges and other work.

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BASIC Experts Group

The BASIC countries are Brazil, South Africa, India and China. BASIC emerged politically as a force at COP-15 in Copenhagen, where interactions between BASIC leaders and US President Obama were crucial in resolving issues around MRV, which was important aspect of the Copenhagen Accord. They are four major developing countries, with two big players in […]

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Since its inception, MAPS has engaged with the BASIC experts working group, and has a growing collaboration with Indian researchers on development and mitigation topics. Emerging from these activities, 2013 sees a new MAPS  workstream emerging: ‘BASIC+ Labs’.  This workstream builds on existing India – South Africa connections, and involves a broader exchange, expanded to […]

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Equitable access to sustainable development: policy brief

This brief outlines a range of principles and criteria to ensure equitable access to sustainable development in the face of global climate change. Based on work by experts from Brazil, South Africa, India and China (BASIC countries) as a contribution to a broader debate, it proposes a reference framework based on science and fairness for […]

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