Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


LAC Facilitators Training Course

 The Facilitators Training Course organised by MAPS and the LEDS GP, was held in Chile in January 2013. The objective of the training was to capacitate mid-career professionals with the skills necessary to facilitate national and/or sub-national processes that through a combination of research, modelling, and stakeholder input, produce an evidence base for GHG mitigation and climate resilient development.

The MAPS Programme has found that strong facilitation by qualified, third-party facilitators is essential for successful completion of such projects.Course material covered climate impacts on social, economic and environmental dimensions; development of scenarios over the short, medium and long term; assessment of mitigation actions, and how processes effect change within complex systems. It sought to provide a balance between knowledge in climate change mitigation and low-carbon development, and the theory and practice of facilitation.