Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


MAPS COP 20 Side Event


The objective of MAPS’s COP 20 side event in Lima was to showcase MAPS LAC nationally mandated research processes for developing long term mitigation scenarios.  The event also provided a platform to illustrate how  a broad range of stakeholders are being involved in developing evidence for mitigation action plans and scenarios. 

The event was moderated by Mr. Pablo Badenier, Minister of Environment of Chile, speakers included State Secretary Bruno Oberle, Switzerland,  Viceminister Gabriel Quijandría, Peru and panelists Emilio la Rovere & Barbara Oliveira, IES-Brasil, Rodrigo Palma & Hernán Blanco, MAPS Chile, José Manuel Sandoval, CLCDS, Lupe Guinand & Maria-Elena Gutierrez, PlanCC.

The event was attended by over 130 people including Peru’s Vice Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Mr. Cesar Sotomayor Calderon