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Wrapping up the Co-benefits Lab with our eye on future collaboration

The final report from Holle Wlokas on the third day of the MAPS Co-benefits Lab in Bogota, Colombia.

Co-benefits Lab 2013 2

The third and final day of the Co-benefits Lab offered an inspirational end to our time in Colombia. The day started with Ellen May Zanoria, from the Gold Standard Foundation, sharing the foundation’s vast experience and unique methodologies for certifying carbon mitigation projects. The foundation is currently translating its methods and learnings for use in national mitigation actions and NAMA’s. After Ellen’s presentation, smaller group discussions were held on the monetisation of co-benefits within the respective in-country MAPS processes. The final plenary session drew together the key learnings and identified take-home messages. We are exhausted, but inspired to continue grappling with the challenges and potential solutions the lab content presented us with. Both participants and organisers are looking forward to further collaborative work on co-benefits.

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