Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility

Country Results: Peru

PlanCC generated the evidence base underpinning the Peruvian INDCgiven the importance of the Peruvian delegation and authorities within COP 21, part of this work was the suite of outreach activities for Paris. In parallel, the team focused on establishing an extended authorizing environment for the next phase of PlanCC (PlanCC Phase II) and establishing synergies and partnerships with other relevant initiatives, in particular the World Bank funded work on co-benefits of mitigation action and the PRONAGECC (now GestionCC) project. The momentum generated pre-COP21 was useful to maintain a domestic debate on a potential law on climate change and the framework to implement the Peruvian INDC.


  • Design & implementation of information service platform on mitigation policies & practices to share project results with the relevant stakeholders
  • Involvement of sectors (agriculture, transport, energy, mining, industry, fishing) and regional government in order to co-produce the evidence base
  • Articulate LEDS with other development strategies
  • Quantify mitigation measures in Peru for 2021 and 2050
  • Analyse, validate and quantify enabling conditions to implement mitigation actions and establish feasibility of converting these into public policies
  • Technical support for MINAM to design Peru’s INDC

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