Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility

Country Results: Colombia

The INDC process in Colombia drew on the analytical work of the CLCDS as well as the Biennial Update Report (BUR). In addition to building on the existing analytical work in the course of 2014 and 2015, a series of workshops and other consultation processes was conducted with a wide range of stakeholders including the private sector, academia and civil society, and government representatives. The process culminated with an announcement by President Juan Manuel Santos on the national day that Colombia would reduce its emissions by 20% by 2030. The consultation process was completed in August 2015 and the official INDC submitted to the UNFCCC in September 2015.


An ambitious INDC and enhanced national capacities to promote environmental sustainability, developing economic development strategies that consider the future GHG emissions and the pathway towards a carbon-efficient economy are the main outcomes of the Colombian process. Particularly successful in Colombia was the active enrolment of the National Planning Department (DNP) that enabled an economy-wide approach to the transition challenge and enhanced mainstreaming of the analytical work (i.e. climate agenda holistically included in the National Development Plan), as well as higher likelihood of implementation given the role of the Planning Unit in the development of annual budgets. In many ways, the work achieved in Colombia was much more directed to the implementation of actions in the short term, which is an outstanding challenge in the other countries. The impact of the work done to date would escalate further with a continuous dialogue with stakeholders, ensuring a continuous flow of information between actors about the implementation of the mitigation actions and the INDC, continuous building of capacity in the public and private institutions and inclusion of climate change specific criteria in planning.

Colombian Mitigation Strategy Low Carbon Development (ECDBC)

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