Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility

Research Themes

Tools, Methods & Models

A technical toolkit featuring work on sectoral modelling, developing assumptions to account for shortcomings in data, and simplifying complex industrial-economic systems as well as understanding the socio-economic implications of climate policies through the exploration of the linking of sectoral and economy-wide models.

MAPS Approach, Country Insights & Results

Building a best-practice methodology in the planning, facilitation and implementation of national and sub-national processes that produce an evidence base for climate compatible scenario planning.

Equity & Climate Negotiations

Collaborations that explore a range of principles and criteria to ensure equitable access to sustainable development (EASD) in the face of global climate change. Formulating ideas and strategies on how to best integrate EASD within the climate negotiations.

Development and Mitigation Policy

Exploring the relationship between mitigation actions and development. Opportunities and risks that low carbon development strategies present to fighting poverty and promoting sustainable development.


How do we move to implementation? Investigating and analysing aspects of mitigation and its implementation. How can leaders in the MAPS countries be persuaded to facilitate a transition to a low emissions pathways that favours growth and supports development and poverty alleviation.