Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


Stories from the South

Authors: Stefan Raubenheimer and the MAPS Team

Five countries and six years later the MAPS Programme has resulted in packages of mitigation actions in four Latin American countries. Its work has contributed significantly to their INDCs, and a large body of innovative and relevant knowledge has been produced. There have been other impacts too; a network of developing countries that has the capacity and leadership to shape […]

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Taking action on climate change: Long term mitigation scenarios for South Africa

Authors: Winkler, H

Making a just transition to a low-carbon economy and society is one of the most difficult challenges globally. In South Africa, which needs to address poverty and inequality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions presents a daunting challenge.  Nonetheless, the South African government initiated a process to develop long term mitigation scenarios. These were based on rigorous […]

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Equitable access to sustainable development: A paper by experts from BASIC countries

Authors: Winkler, H., Jayaraman, T., Pan, J., Santhiago de Oliveira, A., Zhang, Y., Sant, G., Domingos, G. M., Letete, T., Marquard, A, Raubenheimer, S.

The climate  negotiations are at a cross-roads. Negotiations seek to craft a shared visions for long-term cooperative action, including a long-term global goal for emissions reductions. Action is needed in two core areas- adaptation and mitigation. These in turn depend on the means of implementation – finance, technology and capacity-building. The ultimate objective of the […]

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