Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


Climate mitigation and the fight against poverty and inequality

Authors: Naidoo, K

In designing climate mitigation strategies, one has to think hard about their impact on poverty and inequality. While it is often assumed that climate mitigation strategies are also pro-poor strategies, this is not necessarily so. This blog sets out some frameworks through which we can think through these issues and suggests areas where much more […]

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How to reduce CO2 emissions and poverty in Mexico, Thailand and South Africa?

Authors: Britta Rennkamp

MAPS researcher, Dr Britta Rennkamp, introduces an international research collaboration to understand the relationship between reductions in poverty and GHG emissions in Mexico, South Africa and Thailand. Researchers from five countries – Germany, Italy, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa – started off a new project on the question of how to reduce emissions and poverty […]

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Normalising apples and oranges: comparing trade offs for pro-poor mitigation actions

Authors: Anya Boyd

Recent work by MAPS researchers have focussed on understanding the multifaceted relationship between emissions, low carbon development, inequality and poverty alleviation. In this blog Anya Boyd explains the challenges of bringing together poverty, development and climate change and suggest a South African Mitigation Action impact Matrix to support informed decisions for South Africa. Imagine the […]

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