Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


MAPS is committed to building an open and accessible knowledge base of best practice drawn from our research, workshops, and country processes on topics of interest to the Climate Change and Development community.

The publication types are outlined below:


Critical commentary from our team, partners and climate change colleagues on MAPS research and process activities as well as other topics within the wider climate and development space.


To-the-point summaries to bring you up to speed with key issues within our remit. Positioned at the intersection of technical research and policy formation, our briefs and guides are of particular interest to policy practitioners and researchers at the science-policy interface.


Journal articles, working papers, discussion papers and conference proceedings on research themes and practices emerging from the MAPS country processes as well as our BASIC and EASD work streams.


Outputs from a wide range of experts and institutions attending our workshops and labs.


Expert opinions, discussions and interviews. Bite-size food for thought and guidance on various facets of a low-carbon future; scenario planning, justice and economic modelling.