Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


Anticipation builds ahead of MAPS Co-benefits Lab

From the 7th to the 9th of May, MAPS team members from Latin America, India and South Africa will meet in Bogotá, Colombia, to explore developmental co-benefits associated with mitigation actions.

The selection and prioritisation of mitigation actions is a key topic on the agendas of most MAPS countries in 2013. Decision-makers need to understand the socio-economic impacts of these actions beyond the financial costs and GHG reduction potential in order to prioritise nationally appropriate mitigation actions. These decisions need to consider, and potentially incorporate, developmental co-benefits when selecting mitigation actions for implementation. Co-benefits are positive mitigation impacts related to development objectives, sustainability and equity. These impacts could include economic growth, job creation, access to services and economic opportunities, improved health and education, as well as environmental benefits more broadly. These co-benefits need to be assessed in terms of their distributional and equity effects. This highlights the importance of who the beneficiaries of the actions are and whether these results align with country needs.

The Lab will focus on the first three steps in the ‘project cycle’ of mitigation actions, namely the planning, prioritisation and selection stages. Experts from India, Brazil and South Africa will share their knowledge in dealing with co-benefits and mitigation. A space will be provided for facilitated peer-to-peer exchanges to stimulate learning and the development of new ways of thinking about co-benefits. Training sessions will also be held on selected decision-making tools and approaches, such as multi-criteria decision analysis, the action impact matrix and the Gold Standard methodology.

Participants can look forward to input on trade-offs and win-wins regarding co-benefits and mitigation actions from experts from India, Brazil and South Africa.

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