Developing countries exploring pathways to climate compatibility


A co-benefits approach to development-climate practice

An excellent article on applying a co-benefits approach is a must-read for all interested in development-climate practice. Navroz Dubash and three co-authors give a practical account of methodologies that help address multiple objectives – in this case, growth, inclusion and environment.  The article examines the literature on sophisticated techniques of multi-criteria analysis, and then applies a simplified version. The structured tool they propose seems highly appropriate in developing country contexts, where approaches need to be as simple as possible – though no simpler. Certainly, the examples the Indian researchers offer from their energy sector show that a complex set of issues are addressed, with information that can help identify synergies and trade-offs of different options.  They indicate that the method could also be applied for adaptation in future. The authors also provide an ‘implementation analysis’, including consideration of time-lines, implementability (both in terms of political economy and transaction costs), various cost metrics and financing.  The article, Indian climate change policy: Exploring a co-benefits based approach, will be of interest to researchers, facilitators and government officials seeking to address both developmental and climate challenges, particularly in developing countries.

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